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Poker Bonus Explained

Poker bonuses can be mighty useful when it comes to accumulating free money at an online casino, and many amateur players increase their poker savings this way. The general trend shows that the more games of poker you play the higher bonuses you get. Although amateur players go for poker bonuses as a way to increase money on a wide scale, the question remains why should experts let go of free money? You can also play poker for free to learn all the rules and training up your skills but if you play for real money it is good to choose a room with easy and high bonuses.

Following are some of the main types of poker bonuses which you get to increase your bankroll:

Welcome/Sign-up Bonuses

These are the most commonly offered poker bonuses. Online poker rooms, casinos, and online betting websites offer a small number of free bonuses to their new customers. Whenever a new customer signs up on an online casino he is credited with a bonus without any conditions attached. However, welcome bonuses are usually lesser in amount.

You can sign up at any online casino offering a welcome bonus and download poker client software. You can choose to spend this amount on any of the games, and any amount that you win thereof will remain in your account balance. Generally, players lose the first few hands and it is only after some time that they successfully win back the amount of bonus.

Deposit Bonuses

Players are also given a free deposit bonus when they deposit an amount of money into their poker account on a particular site or poker casino. Apart from a bonus on the first deposit, free bonuses are also awarded on second, third, and nth deposits, while depositing through a certain method, say Moneybookers, also helps players gain a bonus.

Referral Bonus

Referral bonuses are offered to players if they help other players sign up to that site, but usually, this amount reaches the referrer after the referred player deposits signing up.

Rakeback Bonus

Many poker sites also offer Rakeback bonuses to players who have spent a long time playing with them and their loyalty is out of the question. Usually, a Rakeback bonus is awarded to players from the house’s rake after that particular hand.